Services and Sectors

SDENG offers specialized engineering
services and expertise for structural steel
project in the field of: Oil & Gas, Power
plants, Industrial Projects, Civil projects.

Our engineering team consists of engineers with contemporary knowledge and extensive experience able to deliver reliable solutions that achieve operational, aesthetic and sustainable goals with responsive, cost-effective service. Steel detail engineering using Building Information Modeling is the most important link between all project participants, design engineers, fabricators and management constructors.

Potential Clients

Engineering Firms

E.P.C. Contractors

Steel Fabricators

Consulting Engineers

Provided Services

Detail engineering

3D and 4D Building Information Modeling using Tekla Structures

Production of detailed shop and installation drawings

Creation of installation scenarios and construction sequences

Supplied Services During Detail Engineering Procedure

  • Design of all joints including thicknesses of plates, welding, and bolts.
  • Creation of 3D models including main and secondary structural elements like stairs and hand rails.
  • Insertion in 3D models’ elements of all welding technology such as real throat thicknesses, beveling and preparation.
  • Insertion in 3D models’ elements of any kind of attributes or production characteristics such as paint combination, erection sequence and temporary storage data.
  • Creation in 3D model of traceability tree.
  • Export of single part, assemblies, general arrangement drawings.
  • Export of any kind of standard or executive reports, such as material list, part list, assemblies part list, coordinates lists.
  • Creation of B.I.M. SIGHT models used for construction management.
  • Creation of installation scenarios and construction sequences, as also 4D and 5D B.I.M.'s